Let's Panic Art + Design is the cousin of WTSN Art + Photography featuring a mixed media combination of paint, collage and text. Let's Panic attempts to bridge the divide between art and music where text replaces lyrics and colour + form replicates the tone, mood and dynamics of sound. The idea of synesthesia - or the condition where sounds are heard as colours - factors into the artwork as does the text cut up technique of Tristan Tzara and Burroughs / Gysin which is incorporated to produce a variety of results such as societal reflections, song titles that don't exist, twists on cliches and ad slogans, Beat poetry, things overheard in passing, Joyce's disjointed tangents, bots conversing with bots and / or your inner dialogue while looking at art.

Art influences: Hannah Hoch, Stuart Davis, Franz Klein, Richard Hamilton, Jamie Reid, Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, Gerhard Richter, Barbara Kruger, Painters Eleven, album covers, book jackets

Music influences: experimental techno, shoegaze, dub, industrial, goth, electro, indie, hip hop, art rock, punk and post punk, disco, noise, ambient


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